Wanna be funny? Go live your life

Don't be a boring fuck

Yeah, I haven’t sent an email in a while. Are you saying my lack of consistency will prevent me from becoming a millionaire?

Here’s a quick thought: ducks are still cute even though they’re rapists.

But more relevant to this email: You’ll be funnier if you experience life more fully.

This is an opinion, not a scientific fact. But here’s how I see it:

The more you experience, the more you can draw from. You’ll also get to empathize and relate to people’s experiences more.

Extreme example: jokes about having kids are funnier to people who have kids (yes, I consider having kids to be “extreme”, although I’d like to have some in the future; if you’re interested in helping me with that, please inquire)

The way jokes about romantic relationships hit me now is completely different from when I was 18 and had never been in a relationship.

But it’s not just about being more relatable. It’s also about becoming more creative and being more interesting.

People wanna feel like they could be friends with you.

You know how Kant never left his village? Booooring. I’ve never read Kant, but knowing he never left his village makes me think I already can’t relate to him. Okay, he’s also an 18th-century German philosopher. Is this a bad comparison? Maybe. Listen, every email can’t be gold.

So here’s the inspirational part:

Go live your life. Fall in love. Have weird sex. Get yelled at by a loved one who suffers from borderline personality disorder. Travel to Armenia. Sleep on a flat earther’s couch in Mexico. Get your feet sniffed by a Turkish truck driver. And then mention some of the things you’ve done at the end of an email and make your readers wonder “Wait, are these things he actually experienced?”

Oh, by the way: I recently rebuilt my website. If you think you may know anybody who’s interested in making their business less boring by incorporating humor, I would be immensely grateful if you told them about my business: https://muditacomedy.com 

If ten of you tell ten people, I would reach 100 people. Here’s a suggestion on how to help: Post something on social media like “Hey this dude helps businesses be funnier, that’s kinda cool right? anybody gonna try it? also I’m very sexy”

And if you know any business owners personally, you can tell them about it directly.

Oh! You can also share this email on social media or forward it to people.

Okay, these are enough words.

Thank you.

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