Pope Starts Side Hustle Dropshipping Cherubs

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Pope Starts Side Hustle Dropshipping Cherubs

“Sure, I'm not doing too bad as the head of the worldwide Catholic Church, but in this economy, you could lose your job any time”, said the Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church about what drove him to start selling celestial beings with no inventory of his own, thanks to this e-commerce model consisting of purchasing goods from a third party and shipping them directly to the customer.

“You just can't count on the Lord alone to make a stable living, and that’s why it’s important to diversify your sources of income, whether that's by doing e-commerce with chubby angels at no upfront cost, organizing walking tours in heaven, or if you have the capital, even starting a food truck selling communion wafers”, added the financially savvy Holy Father who now makes $20,000 per month by monetizing overweight divine entities.

Sources from the Vatican confirmed that in order to pay for TikTok ads, the Bishop of Rome signed up on a website to sell his used underwear to perverts.

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