People remember funny ads better

How can you use this information?

90% of people are more likely to remember funny ads.

Or at least, that’s what an article from Oracle said, and I will just assume they’re telling the truth because they sound legit and also it gives me a reason to write this.

The same article (okay, here it is if you wanna read it) says that 95% of business leaders fear using humor.

This puts you at a huge advantage if you decide to leverage humor.

Are there legitimate reasons to be afraid? Yeah, of course.

First of all, know your audience.

There are ways to mess it up. You don’t wanna make pedophile jokes if you’re selling diapers.

Now, if you were to learn how to write a funny ad in the shortest time possible, this would be it:

  • Think of how you can tie the product/service to a character (TUSHY is a bidet brand whose ads feature an anthropomorphic asshole)

  • Create a series of escalating ‘jokes’ (each one sillier/crazier/bigger than the previous one)

  • End strong. You can do this by finishing your series of jokes with something completely crazy or unexpected, making the character do something off-character, referencing a previous joke (call back), get back to ‘reality’, introducing a new character (what if another body part appeared at the end of a TUSHY ad?), …

This is basically how a comedy sketch works. Same for humor pieces like the ones I write in this newsletter.

Just don’t forget to make it about your product or service 🙂 

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