Jokes will make you a better writer

Don't believe me? Oh, okay then. That's fine.

Did you ever hear that phrase, “Brevity is the soul of wit”?

I think it’s from some guy named Shakespeare or something. I’m not sure, I quit school at thirteen.

Perfecting jokes requires you to cut out unnecessary words.

But jokes don’t just teach you how to be concise. They teach you how to pick the right words and which put in order them. Sorry, I mean which order to put them in.

The quality of a joke can vary a lot depending on those factors.

This applies to writing in general, but it’s especially important with jokes.

Jokes also force you to get creative, connect with your audience, and be playful. All these things are important if you want to be a good writer.

If you can learn how to write a joke, you can learn how to be a good writer.

The reassuring news: your jokes don’t even have to be that good 🙂

Maybe you can teach me: what’s one thing that helps you improve your writing?