Can you really learn how to be funnier?

(the answer is yes, but please read anyway)

If you’re an entrepreneur or creator of some kind, chances are you agree that limiting beliefs are no good.

“I’m just not funny” is a limiting belief.

I recently found some old jokes I wrote ten years ago. Most of them were terrible. I did laugh at one Hitler joke, but I’m not sure it was a good one.

I still write terrible jokes. But my average is better, and over time, I got better at knowing what not to publish (I will not publish that Hitler joke).

You can learn how to roller-skate, how to cook, and how to make anybody fall in love with you by concocting a potion and using a voodoo doll (I know a guy). So why wouldn’t you be able to learn how to be funnier?

Take this last paragraph as an example of a super easy way to write a joke: For some reason, your brain likes things that come in threes. And if you make the third thing something surprising that’s not supposed to be there (or not expected), something weird happens in people’s brains and they laugh (sometimes).

Try it by introducing yourself:

My name is ____, I’m a ____ and I like to ____, _____, and [joke].

Bonus points if you show me your result by replying to this email!