Is AI funny?

As an AI language model, [fart joke]

I hear some writers are losing their jobs to AI.

If you don't need a masterpiece, ChatGPT often does the trick (Write me a product description for dog earplugs).

If you want some weird erotica that doesn't always make sense, Novel AI can work (according to anonymous sources).

But AI can't write jokes.

Well, it can crack a few, but they're the same “jokes” over and over again.

This means funny content is more valuable than ever.

Humor is super helpful: you'll be more likable, people with trust you more, and they will remember you better.

And almost NOBODY is learning this skill. Except you, you goddamn champ. You’re cool.

So what can you do?

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Maybe you can tell me this: Is there something specific you’d like to learn when it comes to adding humor to your content?

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P.S.: You can generate funny stuff with ChatGPT, but it won't be by asking it to write jokes. I'll cover this some other time.

P.S. 2: There is an AI that's occasionally funny: Witscript

P.S. 3: I ran over your cat.